Life Happens

A look into the mind of a man, who doesn't want to hold the elevator open.

Edited by C. Idleburg


I volunteer with Start Small Think Big, a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs build a business, and they paired me up with Alissa Lentz, owner of HERO Backpacks. 

Alissa wanted something for her website and social media, to showcase her company and why she started it. Also, she wanted show inspiration for the new line of bags.  

Shot and Edited by C. Idleburg


Sharpen Up

Sharpen Up is a video for the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program of the U.S. Army.

Editor/Colorist: C. Idleburg

Social Media Trainer

Sometimes you need a little help getting the views and shares you want on social media.

Edited by: C. Idleburg